Old Capitol Inn Boutique Hotel Availability & Booking for the Old Capitol Inn in the heart of Downtown Jackson, Mississippi
Old Capitol Inn Boutique HotelDinners
Poultry Dinner Entrees

Pan Roasted Duckling au Poivre
Slow roasted until very tender, & served with a Bing Cherry Peppercorn Brandy Sauce

Chicken Scaloppine Piccata
Oven broiled with Herbs and Spices under laid with Choice of Pasta & topped with a Olive Oil, Tomato, White Wine Caper Sauce

Breast of Chicken New Orleans
Stuffed Breast with Crawfish, Vegetables & Cheese under laid with a light Brown Lemon Butter Sauce

Spring Chicken Arch Duke
Boneless Breast of Chicken grilled in Herbs & Garlic, underlaid with sauteed Spinach Mornay & topped with fresh Mushrooms Artichokes, Pimentos & Sauce Beurre Blance

Down in Dixie Roasted Quail
Tender Quail, tossed with Herbs, Spices & Oils, stuffed with Wild Mushrooms & Roasted Pecan Dressing , laced with a Peach & Brown Sugar Glaze

(Entrees served with our Ball Room Salad Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Appropriate Starch.)

Beef & Veal Dinner Entrees

Filet Mignon Wellington du Chef
Gourmet Beef Tenderloin grilled to order, topped with Mushroom Wild Fricassee, & Artichokes, wrapped in Phyllo Pastry & baked golden brown

Medallions of Beef Tenderloin Bordelaise
Grilled Tenderloin carved into Medallions and laced with a Rich Roasted Shallot, Mushroom & Red Wine Sauce

Filet of Beef Tenderloin
8 ounce Tender Filet, Honey Peppered grilled to order & served with your choice of toppings & sauces

Veal Loin Scaloppini
Pan Sauteed White Veal and served with your choice of toppings & sauces

Sauteed Mushrooms & Red Wine Sauce
Shrimp & White Wine Demi Glace
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Bearnaise
Broiled Lobster Tail
Crawfish & Brown Beurre Blanc
Creole Mustard Moutard

(Entrees served with our Ball Room Salad Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Appropriate Starch.)

Pork, Lamb & Game Dinner Entrees

Maple Fire Roasted Loin of Pork
Marinated with Maple and Brown Sugar carved into Medallions, under laid with a Delicious Roasted Pecan & Vegetable Stuffing laced with an Apple Brown Sugar Glaze

Rack of Lamb
Frenched Lamb Chops Broiled to order and topped with a Mushroom & Herb Honey Demi Glace

Orleans BBQ Shish Kabob Dijon
Ancho Rubbed & Marinated Beef Tenderloin in a Lemon Herb Balsamic Oil
Char grilled & laced with a Honey Creole Dijon Glaze

Savoy Mixed Grill
Gourmet blend of Garlic & Herb Grilled Pork Tenderloin , Lamb Chop , Venison Sausage & Beef Tender laced with a light Natural au jus

Cervena Venison
Herb Seasoned loin of Venison Medallions pared with Blackberry & Apple Compote surrounded by Leeks & Portabello Mushrooms & finished with a Rich Port Wine Sauce

(Entrees served with our Ball Room Salad Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Appropriate Starch.)

Seafood Dinner Entrees

Hallelujah Crab
Fresh jumbo Soft Sell Crab with Crawfish & Crabmeat Stuffing , French Fried golden brown under laid with Dirty Rice & lace with Creolaise

Smoked Catfish Rockefeller
Slow smoked Filet under laid with zesty Spinach Rockefeller and topped with a light Green Onion , Pimento , Mushroom , Lemon Butter Sauce

Char Grilled Tillapia du Chef
Fresh Filet tossed in Creole Seasonings char grilled & Laced with a Brown Butter Caper Sauce

Choice of extra Toppings
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

Shrimp & White Wine

Eggplant Belle Rose
Jumbo Lump Crabmeat sauteed in White Wine Lemon Butter served on a Crispy Eggplant Crouton under laid with Brown Beurre Blanc & topped with Bearnaise

Trout Pontchartrain en Papillote
Fresh Filet topped with mixed Seafood of Crab, Shrimp & Crawfish in a Golden Cream Sherry Sauce wrapped in Phyllo Pastry & oven baked golden brown

(Entrees served with our Ball Room Salad Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Appropriate Starch.)